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CI Direct Investing's fees are

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Which could save you

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How did we calculate this?

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What about the MER?

Like every other investment, you pay built-in MER fees to fund companies in addition to CI Direct Investing fees. You won't see this money deducted from your account, but we thought you should know about it.

Safety Conservative Balanced Growth Aggressive
ETF Portfolios 0.16% 0.19% 0.26% 0.26% 0.25%
Private Investment Portfolios 1.00% 1.55% 1.40%
ETF Portfolios Private Investment Portfolios
Safety 0.16% 1.00%
Conservative 0.19%
Balanced 0.26% 1.55%
Growth 0.26%
Aggressive 0.25% 1.40%

What makes CI Direct Investing different?

Whatever questions you have, your dedicated CI Direct Investing adviser will help you answer it. They'll always know your story.

CI Direct Investing Adviser illustration
  • A dedicated financial adviser
  • Financial planning
  • A diversified portfolio

And more

  • Trading fees included
  • Insurance needs analysis
  • Corporate tax planning
  • Estate planning
  • Tax optimization
  • Investment assessment

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How did we calculate your savings?

This compares the average cost of investing in CI Direct Investing's Balanced ETF portfolio against the average cost of investing with mutual funds of 1.93%. The CI Direct Investing results assume CI Direct Investing's management fee plus the 0.25% MER of our Balanced ETF portfolio.

†: Monitoring Trends in Mutual Fund Cost of Ownership and Expense Ratios - Strategic Insights, June 2019

How are these fees calculated?

Here's what you can expect, based on the amount you invest across all of your CI Direct Investing accounts.

First $150,000 0.60% annually
Next $350,000 0.40% annually
Above $500,000 0.35% annually

If Sally invests $25,000, her total yearly fee would be $150 (at 0.60%).